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Baggage, Personal Property and Prohibited Material -



Century shall not be liable for: (1) any loss or damage before baggage comes into Century's actual custody on board or after baggage leaves Century's actual custody on board, including, but not limited to, loss or damage by airlines or other transportation services; (2) any loss or damage of baggage while not in the actual possession, custody and control of Century; (3) damage due to wear, tear or normal usage; (4) any loss or damage of perishable items, medicine, liquor, cash, securities or other financial instruments; or (5) any loss or damage while in the custody and control of stevedores.
£¨b£© It is stipulated and agreed that the aggregate value of Passenger's personal property, does not exceed $50 per passenger or bag with a maximum value of $100 per stateroom regardless of the number of occupants or bags and any liability of Century for any cause whatsoever with respect to said property shall not exceed this amount.
£¨c£© ) No Passenger is permitted to bring on board the Vessel live animals (other than qualified service animals, with not less than 14 days advance written notice given to Century) weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives or other dangerous goods without written permission from Century. Passenger will be solely responsible for any and all damage and/or loss caused by service animals.
£¨d£© No cameras, computers, documents, gifts, household goods, jewelry, money, property of others, tools of trade, and/or valuables of any description including, but not limited to such articles shall be carried except at the Passenger¡¯s or Guest¡¯s sole risk and responsibility. The Passenger warrants that no such articles are contained in any item, receptacle or container presented by him/her as baggage hereunder, and if any such articles are shipped in the Passenger¡¯s or Guest¡¯s baggage in breach of this warranty, no liability for negligence, whether gross or ordinary, shall attach to Century for any loss or damage thereto
6. Century¡¯s Right to Cancel -
Century has the right without previous notice to cancel this contract at the port of embarkation or any time during the voyage and shall thereupon return to the Passenger, if the Contract is completely canceled, his passage money, or, if the Contract is partially cancelled, a proportionate part thereof. Under such circumstances, Century shall have no further liability for damages or compensation of any kind.
7. Fitness to Travel and Special Needs
The Passenger warrants that he/she and those traveling with him/her are physically fit to travel at the time of embarkation and is required to notify Century in writing at the time of booking the cruise (or immediately at any time thereafter if physical fitness changes) of any pre-cruise condition which may or will require medical treatment or attention during the cruise or any physical disability or medical condition which may require special assistance during the voyage. Failure to do so will release Century from any liability for loss, damages or other compensation arising from or related in any way to such disability or condition. Upon booking the cruise, passengers who have special needs are required to contact Century to discuss the details of their special needs. Century reserves the right to require that any Passenger, who is not self-sufficient, including any disabilities requiring any form of assistance whatsoever, be accompanied by an adult over 21 years of age, who is capable of and will assume total responsibility for providing the assistance required. Said travel companion shall take responsibility for any assistance needed during the voyage and in case of emergency. Passengers and Guests dependent on oxygen therapy must advise Century in writing, including supplying a doctor¡¯s authorization permitting travel aboard ship, at the time of booking and must meet certain requirements prior to boarding the vessel, including supplying all oxygen needed for the voyage. Passengers and Guests acknowledge that they are required to and will bring sufficient quantities of their own medications and medical supplies for their entire trip throughout China
Century and the Master of the Vessel each reserves the right to refuse passage, disembark or confine to a stateroom any Passenger whose physical or mental condition, or behavior would be considered in the sole opinion of the Captain and/or the Ship's Physician to constitute a risk to the Passenger's own well-being or that of any other Passenger or crew member. Century and the Master reserve the right to disembark any passenger whose behavior affects the comfort, enjoyment, safety or well being of other passengers or of any crew. Century will not board Passenger or Guest, who will have entered their third trimester of pregnancy by the first day of their voyage.
Century¡¯s Ship¡¯s health clinic are run by a local Physician (doctor) who is an independent contractor, and Century does not control and is not responsible for the medical services provided by the Physician or his/her staff. The Ship¡¯s health clinics have limited medical equipment, and not all medical conditions can be treated adequately on the ship. While every effort will be made to arrange for emergency treatment on shore when required, availability of medical care in ports along the cruise route may be limited, and in some areas non-existent. Treatment is accepted at the passenger¡¯s own risk. Customary fees will apply, and medication is at additional cost.
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