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A Better Way to Explore Beautiful, Historic China
China , it's a country of phenomenal geographic and cultural diversity and is reputed to be the single oldest uninterrupted civilization in the world. It is a country of old and new cities, earthly

and ethereal landscapes, and unforgettable ancient historical sights. It's a country of natural splendor. From the majestic Himalayan Mountains to the mighty Yangtze River , the land is broad and diverse. The vastness and profoundness of this great land can't be fully explained with words- it needs to be experienced by the senses!

The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and the third longest in the world at more than 3,915 miles; It flows from the Tibetan Plateau in the west to the east China Sea .



Take a journey along the mysterious waterway that is the heart of China, the mighty Yangtze River. See ancient sites and remote rural villages.


Why river cruising

River cruising is a wonderful story of discovery--complete with luxury, comfort and convenience. You'll uncover treasures that come straight out of Chinese history books and fairytales, and all from the comfort of your cabins.

Pace yourself Once you get on board, hang up your clothes and make yourself at home; once you have unpacked you can settle down and enjoy a leisurely-paced discovery adventure. There's no need to hurry on and off the coach to catch the next onshore scenic spot, take in the experience at your own pace. Whilst onboard ship you may just relax on the Sundeck with a drink while enjoying the magnificent scenery of the Yangtze Gorges. Alternatively you can have a leisurely sit down on the deck bask

in the sun and breathe in the fresh river air.

Enchanting China

The Three Gorges Area is the heart of China and the local Chinese population still live in quite a traditional local way. The Yangtze cruise brings you in touch with the true remnants of ancient Chinese culture and helps you realize a China that you've only seen in old movies!


There are many ways to travel through China , but none compare to the intimate, luxurious, stylish, and sophisticated experience of a river cruise.

Why choose to cruise with Century

Elegant, Comfortable Ships -- Sail on modern, comfortable vessels. State of the art amenities and spacious common areas make for an enjoyable sailing environment.

*  Consistently Excellent Service -- A European Hospitality Professional who focuses on making each and every cruise unique, entertaining and engaging. Trust the expert to cater to your needs!

*  Best-in-Class Cabins -- in the large cabins (you'll find none larger on the Yangtze) you'll find 5-star hotel standard of all-cotton linens and personal grooming articles.


*  Floating Room With a View -- 100% of the deluxe cabins on the Century fleet have panoramic sliding glass doors and private balconies, enhancing the spectacular views.

*  Delightful Dining -- from home made cuisines that incorporate local or international flavors to your personal taste. Dining with Century is a true culinary treat.

*  A Staff Focused on Serving You -- with an average crew to traveler ratio of 1:2, you will


know that your every need will be met. Every Century cruiser has an English-speaking staff dedicated to you every step of the way.

*  The Best on Board Programs -- all programs are concentrated on cultural lectures, interactive exchanges with the crew and the locals.